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Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy-Sad Things

December 19

STC will gonna sing for the wedding mass today. And I am included with them. Yay! I haven't sung in a wedding mass before, and this is going to be my first. Yay! I've been really wanting to sing in a wedding mass since I got in a choir.

So I am going to sing a duet song with Kuya Paul. I played the song over and over again in YouTube to familiarize myself. I haven't really perfected the song yet. T___T But the song was really awesome. Yesterday, kuya Darwin said he fell in love with the song, and he's sure I'm gonna fall with it too. And I did.

I'm anxious because since day one, they've trusted me pretty much. I mean, they've been giving me "special part" in songs. I am not that good, I know that. I am way to far from what I wanted to be in terms of singing. I don't know if I deserve their trust. And besides, I carry Glee Club's name with me. Pfft. Maybe I am just pressuring myself.

And then, I'm anxious because... well, I'm just new and they've been really kind to me. Mikmik gives me compliments, as well as kuya Darwin. And... It's just bothersome because their aren't like that to other sopranos and altos. Urk. I can't really explain it. But do you get what I mean? I mean, I'm just afraid that I might unintentionally give them a bad impression about me, because I'm just new and I've been receiving compliments. Get that? I don't want them to have the intention that I am a "favorite". And I noticed that I didn't talk that much to the girls. I smile at them whenever my eyes catch theirs, but it was kuya Darwin, kuya Anton, kuya Paul, and Mikmik that I talk often. Gaah, I really find it hard communicating with other girls whose personality weren't same as mine, but I'm really trying.

Then, I'm worried because I might be overwhelmed with them that I might set wrong priorities. Yesterday, I moved our Glee Club practice because of the wedding mass today. I'm afraid I might forget other things, especially the Glee Club. Of course Glee Club would and should always be my first priority when it comes to this, but I am overwhelmed by them. I am afraid my Gle Club members would think that I am neglecting them for this.

Gaah. I'm just too anxious, I know, that I'm making unnecessary worries. This things will pass too, I wish.

Kuya Darwin said that we should be in the church by 2:30pm, but Mama wasn't around yet and Iverie won't have a companion at home. So I brought her with me in the church. While walking on our way to the church, kuya Darwin even texted me to ask where I am. Gah. I'm always late. ;___;

Mikmik wasn't able to attend the mass because he did some errand. Kuya Anton wasn't around. Kuya Paul was a bit late, though he was able to start the mass. Sayang nga e. I want to hear their trio of "Sa'yo Lamang".

I can't still quite get the tune of the song. There were still some notes I couldn't get, and I was a little off-tune. It was a bit okay when we sang it, but... it wasn't what I was expecting from myself. Again. I realized that my voice was really matinis--or maybe it was just the way I'd sung it that time--that the words that came out from my mouth were a bit not understandable. But kuya Darwin said it was okay. Like always. He always said that after my every "special part" on songs, and I don't know if he's just kidding or what.

But I decided to forgive myself. It wasn't awful naman. It was still okay, I was just lost at the end. And besides, I told myself that it is okay to commit mistakes during first times, and forgive yourself after that. Basta, next time would be better. :)

I borrowed kuya Darwin piano sheets so I could xerox them and give them to Jas. Kuya Darwin said sa'kin daw muna since he won't be using it pa. I took Iverie home, then hurriedly went back to school. They were practicing. Sir Bau was there. He seemed not angry anymore.

We went out at 5:30 to eat early dinner at chow3p. May mga pera, palibhasa kakakuha lang ng refund sa ESC. >:3

When we got back, nagpractice ulit kami. Mangangaroling kami mamaya, so we practiced Christmas songs. Naglalandian kami ng Ablay and I climbed on his shoulder. Tsk, ang childish ko talaga. Suddenly, I saw Mr. de Grato coming and he looked at our direction, and I panicked so I hurriedly went down. Eto namang si Ablay, nakalimutan yatang nakasamapa ako sa kanya. Muntik nang sumalpok ang mukha ko sa keyboard! I was literally rolling on the floor with laughter. Haha. Nagagawa ng kaharutan!

We went to the church later on. I barely listen to the mass because Eday and I were talking. Adrian opened up a thing that he had told me months ago. We were even almost crying while he was talking, and I sympathized with him. It was the second time he told me about this stuff, and I still feel the same thing about it. I always pray for him about this. Haay.

After the mass, I texted Mama about the carolling. Di naman na siya nagreply, but I still went on. We walked our way to Elvinda. Dun kasi sila nangaroling last year, and they got pretty much money. While walking, Ayyah and I locked our arms with Eday, and we made an "arc" with our free arm. Of course, it hardly look like an arc because my arms were so short it barely curved above Eday's head. Haha.

We got P500 from a house celebrating a party, and P300 on the house where they had the biggest amount last year. Haha. Then, we passed by Adrian's former adviser when he was in grade 6 kaya pinakain pa kami. Nakakahiya nga kasi pinakain na kami, bingyan pa kami ng P300 yata. All in all, we had PhP1, 476. We had P98 each. Fifteen kasi kami e. Malaki na rin ang nakuha namin. >:3

Anung oras na. It was nearly twelve at nasa Elvinda pa kami. Grabe. I never been out with friends this late. Adrian was worried that we might be scolded by our parents. E gala naman ang lalaking 'yon, at pinapayagan naman siya sa kanila na late nang umuwi. So kanya-kanyang assign ng maghahatid sa iba, lalo na sa mga babae. Si Remo ang maghahatid sa'ming mga taga-bayan. Eday was even like a father; he was telling us to text him as soon as we get home, and explain nicely to our parents.

Hinatid muna namin ni Remo si Jasmin, then si Mau. Then hinatid niya na ako sa'min. The TV was already off, and the door was shut. I opened the door with my key and Remo muttered a "Good evening po!" before leaving. It was exactly 12 o'clock. Grabe. I've never got home this late before. I went straight to bed, with the same clothes I wore throughout the day.

December 20

Upon waking up, I saw Adrian sent a message to me. He said that he cannot sing in Landayan anymore because he is so busy. although I'm a bit sad, I didn't dare to bug him. We had "heart-to-heart" talk yesterday, and eversince I became a non-star, I've been quite shy to bug him much because he's so busy. So I told him I'll just tell it to the STC choir.

Mama didn't got angry when I went home last night, and I thought it was over. It wasn't. She was angry with me the whole day. As in, suuuuper. I just won't tell about it that much, because it's really awful. So I wasn't able to attend the supposedly practice in Landayan for the mass tomorrow, and I gad to endure all of those at our house. >___<

December 21

I woke up early today for the 4am mass in Landayan. Kuya Anton said we should be there by 3am, so I woke up at 1am. It was sooo cold outside, and so dark, and a bit creepy. Last time I went to Landayan at this hour, I was with Eday. And now I'm going alone. I prayed upon boarding the tricycle, and waited for other passengers so I wouldn't be alone.

I thought we're gonna sing in the choir loft. But they were on the same spot we occupied last time. I gave the piano sheets to kuya Darwin and thanked him, and later on, he told us to go to the all-purpose hall upstairs for the vocalization.

Mikmik came later on, and he practiced the Psalm. Kuya Darwin composed a new tune, so this one's new to my ears. And it has high notes too. And Mikmik was really awesome at it. *A* Lalaking-lalaki nga ang boses e, so I was joking with him.

It was Bishop Leo Drona who celebrated the mass. When Mikmik's turn in the Psalm came, everyone was quiet. Grabe talaga. I must be gaping at him the whole time. Suuuuper! *A* I was grinning whenever he looks at our direction, and I fought the urge to clap at the end. GRABE TALAGA! Hanga na naman ako. *A*

He received lost of compliments after mass. When we went at the convent to eat breakfast, everyone was praising him. There was even one old woman who said that his voice is so "mamang-mama" (manly) na. While on the line for food, I whispered to him. "Uuy, mamang-mama (so manly) ka na daw. Baka naman mamang-mama (mother). Haha." XD

I don't know if Mikmik's real "identity" is known at their place. I mean, he acts the same way he acts in school. He has... "slash" friends. I don't know if he's really that already, but he and his family is popular in Landayan. They serve in Church. I think he coudl still be a real man in the future, though, but I'm not quite sure.

Mikmik showed as the... "sacristy" ba tawag dun. Bongga nga e. Handamehng pinto. Bwahaha. Kuya Darwin said that we'll go home together na lang, but we stayed at the Church muna. Joy, an alto (I think) in STC, took my number and I was glad because she seemed nice to me. Then, they (not only Mikmik, or kuya Anton, or kuya Paul only, but the others as well, even the girls) were inviting me to participate in the Christmas presentation (they're practicing and we're watching, btw), but I can't. Goodness, THEY'RE DANCING. And besides, Mama won't allow me to go to Landayan at Christmas eve. >.<

"Hanep ah, inaampon niyo na yata ako dito sa parokya niyo." I joked. But they look nice. I man, they're so active in the Church, and they look really nice. The girls are starting to talk with me too, which is good. And I'm starting to chat with people, and gain new friends.

And I think it's good. I really like it in there.

I asked kuya Darwin what time we're going to go home, and he invited me home na. We bid goodbye with a warm smile on my lips, because I feel comfortable with them already. Sa jeep kami sumakay ni kuya Darwin, so we have to walk on our way. I brought his piano sheets because he had his keyboard with him. We talked about random stuffs. Kuya Darwin was polite and nice, and I find it quite difficult to communicate with those kind of people. I mean, snay ako ng nakikipag-asaran at okrayan e. But we both give efforts to open a conversation everytime we have a chance to, though I was a bit "ilang" with him. Konti lang naman.

We went home, and I was happy. Because I'm beginning to gain new friends, while at the same time, serving Him with the way I love: singing. :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Because Christmas is just a few days away

December 16

Mikmik invited me to sing in their Parish for the Simbang Gabi. Mass will start at 4am but they said that I should be in Landayan at 2:45am because I have to practice my solo, which I haven't perfected yet. But since Eday would be coming with me (because my Mom didn't allow me to travel to Landayan at that wee hour alone), I told them that we would be there at around 3am. Adrian's busy at school, and I didn't want to disturb him that much.

I woke up at 1am, 30 minutes earlier than my alarm. I was texting Eday but I didn't received a single reply. I was even calling him, but he didn't answer his phone.

I went to their house (which is just a few steps away from ours). Their door was still closed. I went inside their compound, and while the dogs were barking at me, I called for him. It was his grandma (I think), who opened the door. I asked her if Adrian was already awake, and then he called Eday and woke him up. Ayun, tulog pa pala siya. He went to the door and muttered a surprised and apologetic, "Ibyang!" with his hair still ruffled. I told him to take a bath already and I'll just wait outside their compound. It was about after 15-20 minutes when he went out and we strode to the tricycle terminal. We were the only passengers and I have to pay 35 pesos. Ako muna yung nagbayad para mapabilis kami.

We looked for the STC (St. Tarcisius' choir; Mikmik's choir). We're not going to sing at the choir loft, sa baba daw kami. They were in front, at the corner. There were seats reserved for us. JanJan was there too.

Kuya Paul was the one who sang the Psalm. So, I sang Simeon's Canticle at the Communion. My solo wasn't... that that I've expected. I mean, it's okay naman, but not what I was expecting from myself. I admit I was a bit disappointed. Naku, kasi e, it was so cold because it was just dawn, plus the aircon inside the church was open, and add the big electric fan which was turned to our direction. So I was sucking all the air and mouth was getting dry.

Of course, I know I shouldn't be blaming other things. Okay na din naman yung kanta. I just promised myself that I'm going to sing it better the next I have the chance.

We ate breakfast at the convent. Kuya Darwin was telling that next time, he wants a girl to sing the Psalm, and then, he's looking at me. I cast my eyes down. The heck. I don't like to sing the Psalm. Not until I am good enough to do it.

We rode a tricycle back to school. Maye's mother payed our fare. Haha.

Ang aga ko tuloy pumasok ngayon. Exam was okay. Math was a bit easy (haha. yabang!), through I was a bit confused at the last part.

December 17

Last day of classes for 2009. We didn't have a Christmas party. Because we're in a Catholic school, we're expected to be one of our brothers who had been affected by the typhoons. So Advent Mass lang ngayon, and other sections will just have simple party. Kami, wala. We're the only section in fourth year who wouldn't even have a simple Christmas party. Blame our ugh adviser. :(

I woke up at around 1am again and made our thesis for only about less than two hours. It wasn't still complete though. I attended the second Simbang Gabi with Louis. We saw Cha after mass. It was only 5:30 when the mass ended. We waited at the gate of Liceo, which wasn't still opened. Later, Kuya Guard let us in. Naawa yata sa'min. XD

We ate puto bumbong at plaza. I don't usually eat puto bumbong, unless someone invited me to. The first time I can remember that I ate it was last year, after the Simbang Gabi where we were the choir. It happened to be Eday's birthday too.

And I realized now that I tasted good. Yum yum! :)

I went home for a while to get my reindeer headband (which I got from Koleen). The six of us were supposed to wear that today, but Koleen wouldn't go to school today, kaya wala din. But I took it, still.

Louis and I, together with Alexa, waited for Jette and Steni at the gate. Alexa wore my reindeer headband. Haha. We waited for them for about an hour; it was almost 7am when they came.

I was still trying to finish the thesis. Dammit, our English teacher didn't even teach us how to do it. I bet other teachers would be laughing at us when they saw the theses our class made, because we just "invented" our own way to do it. DX

I went to Lea's classroom because she said she will give something from me. A Christmas gift! Yay! And guess what was it? A shirt! A yellow shirt (in case you didn't know yet, I hate the color yellow). She said she gave a red shorts to Adrian too (Adrian has "phobia" in red clothes, that's why he doesn't wear them). Naunahan niya nga ako e. I was planning to give him a red shirt on his birthday.

Even it was yellow, I really appreciate Lea's gift. Really. I think I'll wear it when I went to Eday's new house at Langgam on his birthday because I was planning to surprise him. :)

After a few minutes, I received a message from Eday telling that they were in the church already. Dalawa pala ang misa. So Ayyah and I hurriedly went to church. Good thing it wasn't starting yet.

I asked Ayyah to correct our thesis. I was planning to ask Mr. Luna to be our thesis adviser. I just can't approach him because he's really... intimidating. He seemed to held his head high whenever he walks. Pero kalog naman siya pag kami-kami. Kaso nahihiya talaga ako e.

So we had two masses. Arbu and I were the only one who sang the new recessional song because the others didn't know it, but I taught it to them so we all sang at the second mass.

After the mass, Sir Bautista indirectly scolded me about the Simbang Gabi. I agreed to Ate Beth that we will sing for the December 23 4am dawn mass kasi. Mr. Bau's voice was stern and I had to fight back the tears. Kasi, ayaw din siguro niyang tumugtog sa'min. I can notice it.

He went down after that and I talked to my members. JanJan, Sir's son, who told me it was okay to sing at the Simbang Gabi, was now telling me to cancel it. Of course I couldn't cancel it, because I've already agreed on it. On the other hand, before I agree on it, I asked them if they could come and they said yes. Tapos ngayon sinasabi nilang ipa-cancel na lang.

I'm close to tears. But at the back of my mind, I told myself that I wouldn't cancel it. Paninindigan ko to.

I talked to them as calmly as possible, and the tears just rolled down. I told them that we're not merely singers, but we serve to. That's our purpose in being a choir right? To serve Him through our voices. And as the president of the Glee Club, I wanted us to participate in the Church. I was always being scolded by the Music Ministry President during meetings because we barely participate in Church activities.

The former presidents had always been doing what Sir Bau says. I mean, the choir hardly changed since first year. We remained the way we were. And as this school year's president, I wanted to be the change. No kidding. I may sound corny, but I told them that. I've been trying to do changes. I'm trying to teach new songs, and attend meetings even I always got scolded. Because I wanted to do and leave something good to the Glee Club before I graduate. Before I leave. I don't want to be a president who just follow what our coordinator says; I wanted to take the initiative.

I told them that if they joined this club to earn extra-curricular grades, I'm not. I joined because I wanted to serve the Church. I wanted to serve Him. I told them that it's just one sacrifice we can do to him. To wake up early to sing for Him, no matter how far our houses were, or even there won't be public vehicles at that hour. If He sacrificed for us, why can't we? Birthday gift man lang namin sa Kanya.

I said all of it. I know I'm being corny, but I also know that what I'm saying is true. I know I may sound like a preaching priest, or a political candidate asking for votes, but I'm just saying what I feel. Gladly, they seemed to be... moved. Haha. I smiled at my corniness, and ask them who can come. The number grew, and we went down. And I was happy. I hope they'll really attend the dawn mass at December 23. :)

Uwian na pagkabalik ko sa school. Well, yung section lang namin, kasi wala naman kaming party. Karen gave me a gift and I warmly thanked her. It was a coin purse. Haha.

I went to Gregory's room and told Mikmik that I could probably come tomorrow for the mass. Mr. Luna told me that there is a mass for the APTA at 3pm later. He seemed approachable so I asked him if he could be our thesis adviser.

"Naku, ang dami ko nang hawak." He told me. I pouted a little. "Pero bigay mo na lang sa'kin mamaya."

I beamed and told him I'll just put it in his table later.

Catherine was inviting me to go with them at Festi, but I told them I can't. Magco-choir pa kami mamaya e. So I went home and slept and did our thesis. When I got back to school, magsisimula na ang mass. Puro Basil nga lang e, who just came from their "shooting" for their Arts project. Walang Peter, nasa party. Sabi nila makaka-attend sila.

Nag-stay pa ako sa school after mass because I need to get Koleen's USB from Mrs. Cacao, and have my TLE project checked. I placed our thesis at Mr. Luna's table. Kulang pa nga yun kasi wala yung history ng Liceo. Wala, revised din yun. Haha.

Basil was making their advertisement. Ang kulit nga e. We didn't ate after mass dahil nga sa advertisement nila, but Ayyah's mother brought food for us. I even talked to her mom and asked her to allow Ayyah to sing on 23. She agreed, and Ayyah was so happy.

I went home after I got Koleen's USB and had my project checked, and greeted the teachers a merry Christmas. Hay, next year ko na ulit sila makikita.

December 18

Dang, I wasn't able to wake up for the Simbang Gabi. 6am na ko nagising. Wala na, di ko na kumpleto.

Mama allowed me to sing in Landayan for the 3pm mass. Hindi rin naman siguro counted sa "Simbang Gabi" kahit magsimba pa ako ngayon.

Eday wasn't with me because they moved to Langgam today. I texted JanJan but I doubt if he received it. So after I got my ESC scholarship paper at the registrar, I went alone to Landayan. I was a bit early. Mikmik said that I'm gonna sing tomorrow for the wedding mass at 3pm in Bayan. Duet daw kami ni JanJan.

I told him that we're gonna have practice tomorrow in Glee Club at 3pm. But I wanted to sing for the wedding mass too. I haven't sing for a wedding before. So after contemplating about it, and consulted Arsie, I moved the practice to 4pm. Tutal 7pm pa naman ang mass.

"Naku, bigay kayo ng bigay sa'kin ng mga kanta e." I mildly complained. Though I like it naman. I mean, I wanted to serve, and I like what I am doing, so it's okay. Kaso, syempre, baka kasi may masabi yung ibang mga members na babae. Okay naman sila Kuya Paul (their President), and Kuya Anton, but I wasn't that close with the girls (like always).

Kuya Darwin made me sing Simeon's Canticle at one part of the mass. I'm glad I was able to sing it well now. Haha.

After that, we had practice for the wedding mass tomorrow. Di dumating si JanJan, so si kuya Paul yung kaduet ko. His voice is so good, so manly, pero... tagilid kasi yun e. Haha.

Mikmik, Kuya Anton, and Kuya Paul sang "Sa'yo Lamang". "Masterpiece" daw nila yun. Grabe. While they were singing, I was having goosebumps. They repeated the chorus for 8 times, and each time they repeat, kuya Darwin transpose the notes higher. GRAAABEEE talaga. I was close to tears. I mean, sa sobrang ganda ng pagkakakanta nila, kikilabutan ka talaga. Grabe, I was squeal. SUPEEEER!

It was dark when we decided to go home. Sabay kaming umuwi ng Kuya Darwin and we talked about random things about the choir on our way. I bet Nicakim is dying to be in my place. >:D


Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'll move. Really.

I'll be moving to Wordpress. Really. This is my final decision.

...I think.

The other day, Mama scolded me again (there is nothing new since this always happen). Whenever she scold me about being so busy I can barely help at home (which is true), she always include that, "Buti pa yung blog mo naa-update mo. Blah. Blah. Blah." She said that again the last time she scolded me again. And she mentioned my blog again. And then... she said something about the things I posted in blog.

Which means only one thing: She's actually reading THIS blog. Dammit.

You may wonder why I am making such fuzz about this matter. Gawsh, I don't want my mom to know stuffs like this. I guess you know what I mean.

But this night, I learned about Ariane's new blog, and saw her awesome layout. I visited other blogs too. And seeing those customizable layouts... made me have second thoughts again. DX I was really resolved to move to Wordpress, until tonight. Gawd. I am really tempted to stay in Blogger.

But I need to move to Wordpress. I should move to Wordpress. You see, I'm craving for little privacy lately.

I don't know. Maybe I'll try using Wordpress first, and if I'm not happy with it, I'll go back to Blogger again.

I don't know who am I convincing with this post, the readers or myself? Hahaha. LOL.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Me ish feeling awesome

I sang in Sto. Sepulcro Church in Landayan today for the 3pm mass. Mikmik was inviting me a long time ago because they're lacking soprano due to the storms that passed the country. Inanod daw ng baha mga members nila. LOL.

I found time to sing today. I really wanted to be a member of a real church-choir (since the Glee Club is just a school choir). Sabi ni Mik susunduin niya daw ako sa Kodak ng 2PM sharp, kaso nalate ako ng ilang minutes. We saw kuya Darwin and we rode a tricycle to Landayan. Yes, Mikmik payed my fare. Haha.

While on the tricycle, nagkwentuhan kami ni Mik, mostly about Sir Luna. Tapos binaba lang halos namin yung keyboard na dala ni kuya Darwin sa bahay nila, then we went to the Church. Sosyal nga e, de aircon. We went up to the choirbox through the frightening spiral staircase. At bongga ang choirbox nila, ang laki! May mga pews pa. Wala lang, nabonggahan lang ako kasi di ganun yung choirbox sa bayan e.

Di ako kumanta sa ibang kanta dahil hindi ko alam yun. Pero pag alam ko, sumasabay ako. Medyo naiilang pa akong lakasan yung boses ko kasi ang hina kumanta ng mga babae (halos 3 lang kami), sapaw nga ng mga boys. E baka sabihin naman nananapaw ako. Pero pinalapit pa ako ni Kuya Darwin sa mic e. Mikmik told me after mass na ganun daw talaga ang mga girls nila, nabulong, so okay lang na medyo lakasan ko.

Pinad-merienda pa kami sa may kumbento after mass. Sosyal. Ganun daw talaga dun. Tapos nagpractice kami sa may multi-purpose hall sa third floor. Dumating na rin si Bau at tinanong ako tungkol sa Liceo night dahil nga dapat ampon din siya ng Basil. Nagkukwentuhan pa nga sila ni kuya Dar na dapat sila nanalo. Bah, pinagtanggol ko ang Basil ah!

Santo at Balang araw yung pinractice namin. Galing nung boys nila. Pero nahihirapan talaga yung girls. I feel awesome because I received unspoken compliments from them. Pano daw kasi, dati, soprano ang nasasapawan ng boys, pero ngayon, sapaw na daw ng soprano. Dalawa lang kami e. Haha. Tapos umuwi pa yung isang soprano nung nagpapractice na ng Balang Araw, ako na lang. Super taas pa ng nota, buti nasa kondisyon ang boses ko at abot ko. Haha.

Na-excite tuloy akong kumanta sa Simbang Gabi nila sa 16. Dapat umattend si Eday dahil sabi ni Mama, di niya daw ako papapuntahin kung hindi ako susunduin ni Eday. The heck.


Next time na yung post ko about sa birthday ko and Liceo night. Pagod na ko e.

Monday, December 7, 2009

A Day Before

I was still anxious. I still didn't want to have my birthday yet.

No. I wasn't about the age matter. I'm kinda happy with me being sixteen and accepted it. I'm actually referring myself as a sixteen-year-old a month before this. Maybe I still don't want to be sixteen, being someone who want to be frozen to thirteen forever, but I'm kinda okay with it nao.

Visitors would be coming tomorrow. I invited many. I don't know if they could come.

I invited my classmates, then Stevenson, then Basil, and probably my choirmates in Peter.

If they would really ALL come... wala, sabog ang bahay namin. Our house is kinda small; they might not all fit it.

Second, baka di kasya yung handa. I want it to be last year in which the food for 40 people was all eaten by 14 visitors. Taob.

Then, some of my non-star friends where naiilang because there would be people from other section, like Basil. Star and non-star visitors worked out last year, I hope it'll work out again this year.

And I am anxious that my sweet sixteenth birthday won't be as awesome as I thought.

I'm worried about the important people, my close friends. Eday and Ablay would be going to PUP Sta. Mesa for their college application tomorrow, as well as Charlene and Kathy. Sabi nila, ta-try daw nila humabol. Try.

Tapos nag-iinarte pa si Jette at Jayson na hindi pupunta.

Tapos may practice ba Glee Club bukas. It's a good thing na walang pasok bukas. Sabi kasi meron daw. E feast day of Immaculate Conception e, day of obligation, dapat wala. And it would seem as an ordinary day kung meron..

Then, there was my dream few weeks ago. I dreamed that only Koleen, Cha, Julienne, and a guy I didn't remember came. I was trying to call Ayyah and Lea in the dream but the phone was broken. Then I remember Ayyah was out doing something.. and I woke up. >________<

Haaaay, I hope things will turn out well, and I'm just making unnecessary worries.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


December 2, Wednesday

I was annoyed with my classmates in the morning. I was sort of okay in the afternoon. We had our experiments for our Physics project. When we were starting to launch our water rockets, Mr. Suinan noticed that Dizon was playing. She demanded us to stop and we headed to our classroom. Wala kaming grade sa Physics!

I invited my friends over on Tuesday for the celebration. May pasok daw sa Tuesday. Day of obligation yun, dapat wala! Mou.

Six days before the sixteenth year and I was anxious.

December 3, Thursday

Today was fine. Mrs. Suinan gave us a second chance for the water rocket. Yey!

Five days before the sixteenth year.

December 4, Friday

Songfest finals. I was cheering for the Basil. I went back to school at 1pm to watch. Category B was the real match, especially between Basil and Peter. And cute nung kanta ng Basil: Isang Linggong Pag-ibig. Adrian was the conductor. They won.

Wala kaming Physics. We were joking with Mrs. Suinan, who was Basil's adviser. Wala. Bangag ako ngayon. XD

Four days before the sixteenth year and I feel awesome. :D

December 5, Saturday

I was supposed to go to Landayan so I could practice with Mikmik's choir. Kinukuha niya kasi akong kumanta sa kanila sa simbang gabi. I texted kuya Darwin, who was their choirmaster, about it. Di daw pala tuloy ng umaga, 1PM pa. E 1PM din yung practice namin sa Glee Club. Of course, Glee Club is my priority.

It was Arsie's birthday tomorrow, so she treated us in 7-eleven. I was texting with Iori-kun when I got home. Suddenly, there was some "unknown" texter who send me a message, saying he's Mr. X and he's my admirer. The heck. Nahalata ko na si Iori din yun. Haha.

Three days before the sixteenth year.

December 6, Sunday

Happy birthday Arsie and Sir Payawal!

Two days before the sixteenth year. Now wut?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


First day of December!

Christmas is fast approaching!

And seven days to go before the sixteenth year! :D *shot*